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A Flexible Approach

Every day we see social media posts telling us to set goals; however, while setting the goal is important, we should also be aware of opportunities that we may miss if we focus solely on the end goal. We also need to be flexible on the way to achieving the goal, because we might possibly miss out on opportunities that could be even better than the goal we set. Alternatively, the new opportunity could take us closer to our end goal, or add to the experience. Let’s look at the acronym FLEXIBLE to explain this.

Follow a dream

Dream, dream, and continue to dream, but be open to all the opportunities that may be presented on the way to working towards your goal.

Download the A3 poster at the bottom of this page and write out your dream goals.

Listen attentively

As you pursue your dream, stop and listen. You may learn of new opportunities, better ways to do things, more straightforward or efficient ways to do things, or warnings of what not to do.

Explore the options

There’s often more than one way to do anything. Exploration can be exciting, daunting, and even scary, but like all explorers, to discover something new means leaving the comfort zone.

eXamine the why

Why have you chosen the path and goal you have chosen? Critically examine this important point. Is it what you really want? Where could other paths take you?


Generate as many ideas as you can. Crazy ideas, fun ideas, sensible ideas – it doesn’t matter; the more, the merrier.


Now you have a collection of ideas, brainstorm the options and add details to each one. You can add costs, qualifications, experience, places, and even time-frames.

Learn all you can

Continue to learn. This lifelong learning can be formal and/or informal. Reading, watching documentaries, observing, attending classes, workshops, visiting museums, art galleries, and parks. There are many free resources available to you.


Enjoy the learning journey and the pathway to reaching your goal. Be open to what Tolkien described as the ‘unexpected journey’, and expect the unexpected.

The “FLEXIBLE” concept, as briefly described above, is an overview of an interactive workshop that I hold for schools and businesses. If you would like further information on this interactive workshop please contact me via the link below.

Download the poster and write your dreams in the clouds

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