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Baby Elephant colouring in competition

As restrictions are in place for travelling due to Covid-19, and social distancing requires minimal, if any, gathering of groups, I have suspended my face-to-face workshops for a while. As such, I’m taking the time to prepare materials, write, finalise a paper for my thesis, and I am offering on-line zoom sessions, and coaching sessions, on a variety of topics for students. 

The launch of the first three Baby Elephant books was to include a book reading and giveaways in Cairns, followed by a book tour along the east coast of Australia. As that can no longer happen at the moment, I decided to offer the books free for five days, as permitted by Amazon, on their Kindle Unlimited site. 

The Kindle app can be downloaded free of charge, and I have added a link on my store The Kindle app can be used on mobile phones, iPads, and laptops. Kindle Unlimted does require a subscription, but there is a free trial period that you can use. 

The links to each book are here:

🟣 “Baby Elephant wants gumboots”

🟣 “Baby Elephant’s painting day”

🟣 “Baby Elephant’s treasure hunt”

I have also added some free resources for each book from my website. There’s an activity download on each of the relevant book pages. These are accessible via my website page

One of the activities that I was planning on holding at the book events was a colouring competition. While the face-to-face format won’t go ahead at this time, I believe we can use technology, so I’m now promoting this competition through social media and via my emails. The colouring page is available for downloading, and I have entries for three age groups:

  • Ages 2-3
  • Ages 4-5
  • Ages 6-7

Please visit my colouring competition page for details – click here. 

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Best wishes to everyone and take care.


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