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The Baby Elephant Series

The Baby Elephant series is designed to help educators, as well as parents and guardians, to teach young children colours, shapes, counting, and much more. The adventures of Baby Elephant encourage children to explore and participate in various activities as they learn.

The first three books are now available in both Kindle and paperback versions. Each book has a number of free downloadable resources available.

All schools and library visits are on hold due to COVID-19 virus. If you would like a school visit and activity session contact me via the green button below.

Homeschool groups are welcome to contact me to arrange workshops and activity days.

Listen to Julie reading
"Baby Elephant wants Gumboots"

The current situation worldwide means that the planned book tour along the east coast of Australia has been postponed until further notice. However, you can listen to me as I read the first book, “Baby Elephant Wants Gumboots” on YouTube.

Baby Elephant Books

Book 1

Learn colours with Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant wants gumboots

This is the first in the series of Baby Elephant books. We meet Baby Elephant as he decides he wants gumboots, even if elephants don’t usually wear gumboots! This book introduces the colours red, blue, green, and yellow to young children. There are also pages of colouring activities for your child to complete.

Book 2

Baby Elephant's painting day

In this book Baby Elephant learns how to mix primary colours, red, yellow, and blue, to make secondary colours. This book introduces the colours purple and orange to young children. Download the activity pages for your child to complete.

Book 3

Baby Elephant's treasure hunt

Baby Elephant is off on a treasure hunt and finds different shaped objects. Baby Elephant learns about triangles, squares, and circles. There are  activities at the end of the book to complete, as well as downloadable activity sheets from this website.