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Manage your screen | Get organised today

"Organizing is a journey, not a destination"

This week it's time to look at your desktop. Do you have so many files sitting on your desktop that you don't know what is on there? Do you tend to complete a document or a piece of work and leave it on your desktop, with the thought that you'll get to it later?

If you do use your desktop as a bit of a dumping ground, then it might be a good time to clean it up. First of all, let’s trash, file, or action what needs to be done and clear the desktop, so that you have a clean screen.

This action could entail setting up new folders. If you’re a student, you might like to set up several folders, one for each subject. If you are at work, you can also set up folders for different aspects of your business.

Messy desktop

It helps if you treat your desktop on your computer the same way you should have your physical desk. Now if that’s also messy, then that’s the next task.

If you do like to have your screen as a primary spot to place your files, then perhaps using a screen wallpaper such as the ones I have presented below might be useful. All you do is load the wallpaper onto your computer and then place the documents or images on the appropriate location on the screen. As you can see, there’s a designated location for you to place the documents you’re reading in, as well as a place for filing, and for those in progress. The next step is to allocate a time of day when you file these documents into a permanent folder.

You might use the “In Progress” area to place a document in while you’re waiting on feedback, or while you are still working on it. Once again, it’s only a temporary location, and once it’s complete, you move it to the “to file” spot, which is emptied regularly. Perhaps you can choose a set time or day to do this.

If you would like a free wallpaper, click on the images below, and try organising your desktop this week.

Free Wallpapers to organise your desktop

The images have been designed for a Macbook Pro. If they don’t fit your device, and you would like to use similar images on other computers, please let me know.

Get organised today😀

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