Get ready now for the 2020 school year

The school year is over in the southern hemisphere and for many so is the university academic year, except for perhaps some students taking additional subjects over the summer break. Yes, it’s time for a holiday; however, it’s also a time to reflect on what you did this year and how you can improve next […]

Dr Who, Klingons, Star Wars, and a day in the life of teaching

Dr Who, Klingons, Star Wars, and a day in the life of teaching

When I talk to groups about education and how it should be an enjoyable experience, I hear groans and complaints about assignments and exams. However, education is not always formal; we can learn from movies, newspapers, books, attending workshops, and even informal gatherings where people share their knowledge of a topic. I have been involved […]

A Flexible Approach

Every day we see social media posts telling us to set goals; however, while setting the goal is important, we should also be aware of opportunities that we may miss if we focus solely on the end goal. We also need to be flexible on the way to achieving the goal, because we might possibly […]

Let’s get reading

Let's get reading

To wrap up a week of Facebook posts about the value of reading I wanted to finish with a post about the topic of reading. I work with students of all ages and abilities in programs for mid-high school students through to Master’s level at university. I am often asked, “How can I improve my […]

Stay calm and read the instructions

In Australia, we are now a few weeks into the semester and students will soon have assignments to submit. Now is the time to stop and breathe. Carefully read what has to be done, and when it has to be done by. Apart from the content, marks are often lost because the instructions are not […]

Work smarter not harder – Step 1: Be prepared

Work smarter not harder

February already! A New Year has started again, and many have made New Year’s resolutions. For some, it is time to quit smoking, cut back on drinking, start at the gym and so much more, including apply and enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program. This starts by submitting the application. I want you to […]