Book | Baby Elephant’s treasure hunt

Book 3: “Baby Elephant’s treasure hunt”

Baby Elephant is off on a treasure hunt and finds different shaped objects. Baby Elephant learns about triangles, squares, and circles. There are activities at the end of the book to complete, as well as downloadable activity sheets from this website.

At the back of the book, there are several colouring activities for children to complete. Additionally, I’ve added free downloadable PDF activity sheets to my website visit the “Baby Elephant’s treasure hunt” webpage. Click here.

Other books in the series include:

Book 1: “Baby Elephant wants gumboots” – Baby Elephant learns about the colours blue, red, green, and yellow – visit the webpage.

Book 2: “Baby Elephant’s painting day” – It’s a rainy day and Baby Elephant goes on a treasure hunt to find circle, square, and triangle-shaped objects – visit the webpage.