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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

William Arthur Ward

Here are a sample of the workshops I deliver to educators. These workshops can be delivered at a time to suit your operational requirements and in a location of your choice. Alternatively, I do offer public programs and members of your team can join one of those.

Workshops vary in duration from half-day, to one-day, and two-day retreats. Contact me for further information.

In this workshop I show how students can design and make a traditional board game. During the making of their game, the following can be enhanced and developed:

✅ Topic knowledge
✅ Teamwork
✅ Communication skills
✅ Computer skills
✅ Project management

This is a fantastic opportunity for  teachers to learn how to develop creative thinking in their classroom, as well as core skills.


Create professional audio visual presentations that can be taught to your students. Participants in this one-day workshop are taken step-by-step through the following features:
✅ footers and headers
✅ embed videos
✅ notes
✅ Smart Features
✅ nudge elements

Additional features may be added depending on the progress of the participants on the day.

One-day duration.


During this workshop I introduce EndNote or Mendeley, depending on which program your school uses.

This is a one-day workshop, during which I show participants how to source information and store this information in the relevant software.

I present a number of tips and show how to embed research activities as part of a class. I also show how to use the toolto present in-text citations and lists of references in Word or Pages.

The pathway from vocational education to higher education is often promoted; and in this workshop I present ideas to make this transition a viable alternative and a seamless transition.
I have worked with first year students who entered university via a vocational pathway, and as a result I have identified a number of strategies that can assist students.

Two-hour workshop


The need to work effectively with software cannot be understated, and knowing how to use a few of the tools in “Word” can save time.

This one-day workshop covers the following:

✅ Creating footers and headers
✅ Inserting auto table of contents
✅ Inserting auto list of figures
✅ Using Smart Art to create flow charts, diagrams, and hierarchal charts.
✅ Inserting a list of references

In this workshop participants are introduced to the importance of mentoring to assist new professionals in the workplace. This workshop is designed for senior teaching professionals and covers the following topics:

✅ Communication
✅ Goals and Challenges
✅ Inspiration.
✅ Caring Personal Relationship.
✅ Mutual Respect and Trust
✅ Exchange of Knowledge
✅ Independence and Collaboration
✅ Role modeling

Two-day workshop

"Workshops for students"

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”.

Malala Yousafzai

I provide career planning, study skills, and motivational sessions for senior students. The workshops are designed to assist students in planning for the transition to the workforce and university, and in helping them stay focused on their goals.
I also deliver communication, leadership and time management workshops for senior students in high school. These can be a great addition to regular school classes.

This one-day workshop is for students in Years 10, 11, or 12, and asking the question “where to next?”. Throughout the day students complete activities and focus on what they are doing and where they are heading, or where they wish to head to. 

The workshop includes:

✅ Introduction and welcome
✅ Vision
✅ Body language
✅ Social media and you
✅ Connecting the dots
✅ ‘Me’ time

Each student is provided with exercises for students to complete after the workshop.

One-day workshop

Students today juggle work, school, sports, and it can be overwhelming. During this workshop students are given techniques to assist them to manage their time and enable them to work towards deadlines, while having time to socialise.

Topics include:

✅ Planning assignments
✅ Planning a week
✅ Using a diary
✅ Electronic vs Paper

Half-day workshop

This two-day workshop is designed for students in Years 10, 11, or 12, to develop the skills  to minimise stress and improve their learning experience:
✅ Using a diary
✅ Mind-mapping
✅ Finding resources
✅ Using referencing software
✅ Developing written communication
✅ Developing verbal presentation skills

This is an interactive workshop, students will need to bring their laptop in order to complete activities during the sessions.

"Study Tours Australia"

The Australia study tours are designed to suit your students’ needs. They include knowledgeable guides, student resources, games and activities. Local history, indigenous culture, as well as flora and fauna knowledge can be embedded into camping trips to enhance classroom delivery. Leadership camps are available and include activities and resources to promote leadership, communication and teamwork.

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