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The following list presents some of the workshops and seminars that I can deliver within your organisation. These workshops range in duration from half-day to one or two days in length.   The content is designed to meet the needs of the participants and the requirements of the organisation.

Computer Skills

Ensure that your team knows how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. If your organisation uses Mac software, we can also present Pages and Keynote workshops. Knowing how to use the software effectively can save time and make tasks so much easier.

Presentation Skills

The need to give a professional presentation is essential, whether one-on-one, to a small group, or a room full of people. Learn how to design and deliver a presentation and use a range of tools and techniques to plan and deliver engaging presentations to a variety of audiences.

Communication Skills

Communication is achieved verbally, non-verbally, visually, and in written formats. During this workshop, participants learn a range of valuable skills to improve the ability to work with colleagues, clients, and even personal relationships.

Time Management

Improve productivity and ensure that you have more time to enjoy a work/life balance. Participants develop habits and rituals to improve decision making. Learn to prioritise tasks and avoid distractions and procrastination. Use to-do lists and time mapping.


Develop leadership skills with a focus on building trust and healthy relationships. We examine leadership styles through case studies and group discussions. Key topics include core strengths, operational methods, team development and dynamics, as well as providing feedback and delegation.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can occur anywhere, and knowing how to deal with conflict is integral in working within a workplace. This workshop provides the skills and knowledge to deal with difficult people by using conflict management techniques. Knowing how to avoid conflict helps your team feel more empowered and less stressed.


This interactive workshop provides an opportunity for participants to work on problems, increase team problem solving, collaborate, develop listening skills, and discourage damaging workplace behaviours.


Learn how to implement simple techniques to develop a trusting relationship. Participants explore various strategies. The GROW model is an excellent framework utilised within the workshop.

Business Plans

During this workshop, participants review the various components of a business plan. A PESTLE and SWOT analysis kick-start the planning process. All participants take home a planning tool kit.

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